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Fashion Cutting Its Cloth to Fit Post-Recession World

Designers adjust to the new economy by developing broad lines that have affordability as well as fantasy.

Muscling In on the Front Row

Designers have professional gatekeepers keep close tabs on who and which celebrities get seats at their fashion shows to avoid gate-crashers seeking publicity.

Tina Fey: How I Came Up with "Mom Jeans"

Before Mom Jeans became a catchy jingle and a fashion don't on Saturday Night Live, they were simply Tina Fey's last-minute clothing solution. Fey tells Vogue she first came up with the idea for Mom Jeans after she had a fire in her apartment and had to buy a pair of emergency jeans for work one day. "It was right before the low-rise thing kicked in officially, and I inadvertently bought these jeans, and they had this enormous rise," Fey says. "And I was going around the office complaining about them all night, joking about it, and Maya Rudolph and I started singing a little Mom Jeans song. We just goofed around, and I wrote that up very quickly."

Nicole Miller Takes a More Aggressive Tone at Fashion Week

Nicole Miller must have always had a tough spirit inside her - how else could she have lasted so long in the fashion business? - but it's only in her most recent collections that you see that aggressiveness in the clothes. The scarf-print dresses of yesteryear are gone, replaced by body-hugging dresses, biker shorts and leather leggings.

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